About Us

At Maia Marca, we are passionate about crafting high-quality shoes that are
stylish and comfortable. Our shoes are designed with the modern individual
in mind, who values both fashion and function. Our products are crafted with
care using premium materials, including soft and durable leather. We place
a high value on quality and take measures to guarantee that our shoes are
designed to endure, allowing you to enjoy them for years.

Our company provides a diverse selection of styles ranging from classic and
understated to bold and trendy, to cater to a wide variety of preferences.
We accommodate both casual and formal needs, ensuring that every customer
finds the perfect pair of shoes.

We believe that being stylish does not require much effort. Everyone can be
stylish everywhere and anytime.

Our History

With a family heritage in the profession, we have been actively operating in the
shoe production, international wholesale and retail sectors since 1984.

Our experience and expertise stem from this longstanding involvement.
We have a flagship store in Istanbul, Turkey. Our products are also available at
Brandroom, Galeries Lafayette, Harvey Nichols, Gizia, and Gizia Gate stores
in Istanbul.

In 2022, we expanded our company to Dubai, marking a significant milestone
in our growth and presence in the region. Our products are also available at
Galeries Lafayette, Valencia Shoes, Fabi and L’aqua store in Dubai.

Our Values

Vision:Our vision is to be a leading shoe brand recognized for our commitment
to crafting high-quality, stylish and comfortable footwear.

Mission: Our mission is to design and produce premium shoes that cater to the
needs and preferences of the modern individual.

Our Goals

• Our foremost goal is to consistently produce and deliver premium, durable
shoes that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality.

• We are committed to providing exceptional customer service, personalized
attention, and seamless shopping experiences to exceed customer expectations
and foster long-lasting relationships.

• By staying at the forefront of fashion trends and incorporating innovative design
elements, we aim to offer a diverse range of stylish shoes that cater to different
preferences and reflect individuality.

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